Privacy Policy

Nothing. I really collect nothing about you.

Following the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) I have to tell you what data is collected by pages I link to and tools I use.


Believe it or not - I do not use cookies. There is nothing I want to track with them or optimize. My page is static and that is it.

Collection of general data and information

I do not collect anything about you or your system - not even any server logs with your IP-Address. But to be real, your IP-Address, Browser-Version and things like this are transported to the server which is provided by Netlify.

Routine erasure and blocking of personal data

Because of the fact that I do not save anything I can not save anything longer than necessary.

Rights of the data subject

You are allowed to ask me anytime what I have saved and know about you and also tell me to delete everything. Like said above - in both cases I can not tell you anything about you or delete something what is not stored.

Linking to foreign pages

Primary in the footer section but also some other places I link to other pages. I can not tell you what data they collect and what they do with them - please refer to the privacy statements of the linked page to find these information.


I use Netlify for hosting my website. You can check all necessary information at Netlify Privacy, Netlify GDPR and Netlify DMCA.


I use Imgix to deliver optimized and prepared images to you. You can check all necessary information at Imgix Privacy.